Understanding The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization For Effective Result


Search engine optimization is a technique used to make a website popular and to bring the website or webpage’s to the top position in search engine results. Organic SEO technique is a long term process that stuffed with many simple techniques that can be used to achieve better ranking for long time. Website analysis is the process of analyzing and researching the existing website to restructure the web pages to make them search engine friendly. This is the first and foremost step in SEO Services.

The website validation is the process of checking the web pages based on the norms and conditions defined by World Wide Web Consortium. All the pages should be written using valid html or xhtml tags. The webpage can be validated online through W3C Validation Checking tool. The tools provided by W3C are good starting place. The CSS and java scripts are used to build the web pages. But as a thumb rules both the files should be stored as an external file. The web pages should be renamed with relevant and optimized keywords. The optimized and relevant keywords can be used domain names as well as in titles. Each page should have a Meta data’s. The Meta data stores the keywords and description about the page. The Meta tags should be well written as it is a summary about the page .It should not exceed more than 250 words. The keywords in Meta tag should contain most important keywords.

The content optimization is another important aspect in web promotion. The optimized content should appear in first 100-200 words of the webpage. While optimizing care should be taken to avoid inserting too many keywords which may turn into spam. The content optimization is not just including the keywords into the text. The content should deliver the needed information to the visitors this will automatically attracts the traffic and ranks high in the search engines. The webpage should be clearly structured by markup such as proper title tags and minimize the usage of table tags instead of it use and tags. The site maps should be at start of the web page. It is better to use text link rather than image links. In some exceptional cases use image links with descriptive alt attributes.


When a search engine spider crawls in the site it first intend to smell the special file on the site. That file is called robots.txt it points out which Web pages of your site should be indexed and which Web pages should be ignored.The link building is an important Search Engine Optimization Technique that is used for increasing traffic .The links from other website to one website. The link popularity definitely brings targeted traffic. It is the easiest way of increasing the rank in the search engine.