Here’s how Amazon will convert your place into a smart home

Heres how Amazon will convert your place into a smart homeFor Amazon, a “smart home” scenario isn’t a question of if — but rather, when.

The tech giant announced hardware and a cloud-based service on Tuesday, both of which support web-enabled devices in the home.

The physical device, called the Dash button, will be available on Wednesday across the U.S. on an invite-only basis. The free plastic device is slightly larger than your thumb and connects to Wi-Fi; when you press it, the device will automatically order another pack of your shaving cartridges or bottle of your face moisturizer from Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s new cloud-based service is called the Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which will roll out this fall — and it has much more potential. If the Dash button is a physical, one-click access point to Amazon, think of DRS as a budding ecosystem of third-party devices, all running software that connect back to the tech giant…..Read more