12 Ways to Heal the Stress Around You

12 Ways to Heal the Stress Around YouStress is a constant topic of advice and complaint in modern life, but there’s one issue that gets overlooked: the many ways we add to the stress of others. Dealing with the pressure you feel takes a good deal of time and attention. By the same token, time and attention must be spent relieving the stress you are causing. You can stop spreading stress and actually become a healer of stress.

Sometimes you hear a line that is halfway between a boast and a joke: “I’m not the kind of boss who gets a heart attack. I’m the kind of boss who gives a heart attack.” The problem is that so much truth attaches to this. Whenever you are in a dominant position over someone else, either at home or work, you are the boss, even without a formal title. The boss is the one who feels entitled to deliver pressure…...Read More