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About Our Company

We’re 76 Digital Marketing Ltd — a digital marketing company that works on the digital presence of service-based businesses. We help local businesses in Essex drive more leads to their websites and also convert them into (repeat) customers.
To do this, we use:

Our Skills

  1. Technology, Processes
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns
  3. Search Engine Optimization campaign
  4. Professional Business Card & Logo Design
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Responsive, Mobile Website Design
  7. Email Marketing Campaigns
Website Design And Development 96%
Search Engine Optimization 91%
Google AdWords, PPC Lead Generation 91%
Business Card & Logo Design 98%
Online Reputation Management 79%

So what are these service-based businesses that we serve? And are you one of them?

Well, you can be a business we can help if you:

Why choose us?

You could be running a pest control service or a restaurant or an IT servicing solution.  In fact, we help drive leads to many businesses in Essex

We generate business for all our local clients with our digital marketing services: Web Design, SEO Services, PPC Management And Online Reputation Management Services where we build and market beautiful websites that our clients use to attract their customers online. IF your business depends on local leads, then you ARE someone we can help. Our clients are from all over Essex

Well, the #1 reason you should work with us is that we understand how local service-based businesses work. In fact, our digital marketing services are all focused on the ‘CLIENT ACQUISITION’ goal. And because most of our clients are just starting out on their entrepreneurship journeys, we use a nimble approach in our digital marketing agency … where we think and carefully invest our efforts and our clients’ marketing budgets into what we find to be the most lead-generating for them. Ready to talk about your local business’s digital marketing needs? Book a free consultation with us today and we’ll connect you with our lead digital marketing consultant. Don’t worry you don’t have to sign up or anything … we’ll just give you some personalized insights into how you can position and market your local business, so it generates more revenue.

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